I am Jamie - lover of the outdoors, avid hiker, and silversmith.

I am a mother, wife, best friend, and daughter. But my true identity lies somewhere in the mountains and deep in my chest. I follow my gut feeling, question societal norms, and put my whole heart into what I do.




An artist took a chance on me in Hawaii.

I'd learned the metalsmith trade originally in high school, but here in Hawaii is where I fine tuned my skills. From 2014-2016, I worked for Beach Girl Jewels on the North Shore of Oahu. My boss, friend, and coworker taught me most everything I know. Andrea had an eye for designing, and I loved the dirty, busy, meditative, production work. We were the dream team. I cannot say enough amazing things about that woman and my job there. She took me in and taught me about life, art, mistakes, and beauty. 

"What if love is what we make with our own two hands" - SOJA


In order to leave Hawaii, I had to do something crazy.

After 2.5 years, I loved that island so damn much. But, I've always been drawn to new experiences and testing my limits - Pacific Crest Trail here I come. I wanted to walk back home to the Pacific Northwest. And so I did. That trip changed me, in all the right ways. My legs were meant to climb mountains, and climb mountains I did. I haven't stopped since.

"I stand on the mountains that, this morning, were my horizon. Here, the world feels both attainable and unreachable. Conquerable and impossible. Vast, but also tiny." - my book - walking home 


And here, Stoned Metals was born.

Bringing elements of the earth into my work, the name came to me while hiking one day. I hiked for days on this name, trying to make sure it was the one - it wouldn't go anywhere. So it had to be adopted and turned into something. From the ground up, each step I've taken with my business, I've taken it on my own. But now, I've got a whole world of support.


Man... Kids will change ya.

He's got my cheeks and the same birthmark above his butt. He's changed the way I think about this world and about life. My priorities are different and I understand so much more about my parents and their love for me - it's just automatic. The deepest, most full love there could ever be. My husband and I marvel over him everyday. 

"I gave you your life, but you give me mine." -Jack Johnson


My little studio.

I locally source all my stones and gems through my favorite rock shop - Jerry's Rock and Gem. I work mostly in sterling silver, though am now getting into the 14k gold world too and am loving it. I adore working with metal. Mistakes are made but can always be reworked and redone, it's just a matter of putting some time and love into it. I've learned to be meticulous in the every step of the process because if I'm not, the work doubles later.

My original dream was to do only custom work, and so far that's pretty much been the case. I love creating my customer's ideas and designs. It's the construction, the building, the making, the production that I love. I send progress pics of the process along with every custom order. I think it gives jewelry much more meaning when the customer is intimately involved in the work.